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What is Alipic Skin and how does it differ from Dry Skin?

tratamiento piel alipica

As a general rule, you will always hear and read that Alipic skin is a more professional way of talking about dry skin. However, there are some differences between alipic skin and dry skin.

Today we tell you what are the particular characteristics of alipic skin, its causes and the best natural treatment to care for alipic, dry and dehydrated skin. Here we go!

What are the characteristics of Alipic skin?

Unlike dry skin, an alipic skin has no sebum. What does this mean? While dry skins have an imbalance of oil in the skin and have less than they should, alipic skins lack sebum altogether.

The main characteristics of alipic skins are:

  • low elasticity,
  • matte coloring,
  • imperceptible pores,
  • fine desquamation,
  • increased tendency to wrinkle,
  • dull, rough, dull skin…

example alipic skin

What are the causes of Alipic skin?

The main causes of alipic skin are:

  • By natural disposition: if a person has sensitive skin without any underlying condition, his or her skin can be more easily irritated by exposure to the sun, strong winds, very cold temperatures, the use of cosmetics with chemical ingredients, makeup with toxins or certain types of clothing…
  • By an aggressive chemical treatment, such as Racutan for example…
  • By an irritant or allergic reaction of dermatitis: for people with sensitive skin, contact with certain types of soaps, detergents or exposure to certain types of water can trigger redness, swelling and itching of the skin …
  • Dry skin: if people with dry skin are exposed to external elements that further dry out their skin and cause it to lose its protective moisture and oil, they may also end up suffering from alipic skin…
  • For eczema, rosacea or photodermatosis…

If you would like to better understand these last three conditions, please let us know in our contact form. This way we will know if it is really worth writing an article for each of them (we think it is, but you are the ones who decide).

Treatment for dry and dehydrated alipic skin.

Our recommendation for treating dry and dehydrated alipic skin is a morning and evening facial routine with high quality organic cosmetics, free of synthetic chemicals and animal cruelty.

This could be your perfect beauty routine if you suffer from alipic skin:

serum for alipic skin

If you need personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that our products can help you heal your skin: we have dedicated years of hard work and research to produce the purest, cleanest and most effective organic cosmetics.

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