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What type of cosmetics do dermatologists recommend?

What creams do dermatologists recommend? Are you familiar with natural cosmetics?

Although we all think that dermatologists are experts in natural cosmetics, this is not true.

While this profession is to be admired and their vocation and work a great gift, dermatologists do not dominate the natural cosmetics sector. What they usually advise are products from well-known laboratories that, unfortunately, use many chemical ingredients.

Do dermatologists know about natural cosmetics?

As a general rule, many people are unaware of the world of natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.
cruelty free
. And yet, as we have seen in previous articles, these factors determine, to a large extent, the quality, efficiency and safety of a cosmetic product.

Why don’t dermatologists dominate the universe of organic and natural cosmetics?

Because they probably have not studied this area at university. It is not their fault. However, every healthcare professional must be constantly researching and updating his or her knowledge: it is an inescapable fact. This allows it to offer valid, efficient, safe, professional and warm advice.

What dermatologists often recommend to their patients are products from pharmaceutical laboratories that use synthetic ingredients with preservatives that are harmful to the body. Studying natural and sustainable cosmetics is, therefore, a pending subject.

We, at Saper, try to do our best to provide you with quality, professional, concise and updated information, but the dermatology and pharmacy sectors are very complicated and many times they are not very interested.

natural cosmetic containers

What creams do dermatologists recommend?

As far as creams are concerned, dermatologists usually recommend brands such as Bioderma, Avène, Isdin or Eucerin, for example. They are great pharmaceutical references, but contain too many synthetic and harmful ingredients for our organism.

They also place great emphasis on sun protection creams to protect against ultraviolet radiationHowever, if they do not specify that it should be mineral (which many do not), they are recommending something that presents the same possibility of developing skin cancer as overexposure to the sun.

What is the best contour according to dermatologists?

One of the most valued eye contours by the dermatological sector is Mineral 89 Yeux by Vichy, an eye contour cream that brings, as the brand itself says, a radiant touch to your look. It is rich in hyaluronic acid, and combines its moisturizing properties with Vichy mineralizing water and pure caffeine. This is fantastic.

However, this product contains, among its ingredients, phenoxyethanol. A broad-spectrum preservative, which replaces the dreaded parabens, but has been linked to kidney and liver damage, neurotoxicity, allergic reactions and skin irritation. We all know how harmful these products are for our body, especially because bioaccumulation studies are lacking, and phenoxyethanol has become one of the most used preservatives in cosmetic products, so it is difficult to calculate what percentage we are applying daily, if we add up all the products we use every day before leaving home.

contour recommended by dermatologists

We do not doubt its effectiveness and we appreciate all the work behind the people who have created this product, however, for something to be totally healthy for the skin, you have to be very meticulous and careful.

What do dermatologists recommend for acne?

is a topic that generates a lot of controversy, as we all know how much dermatologists advise the Roacutan treatment. Prior to this, of course, the patient has usually been prescribed countless synthetic creams and/or antibiotic pills (very deeply damaging the microbiota). Seeing no results, dermatologists proceed to Roactuan, a tremendously aggressive treatment for the skin and harmful to the body. Such is the effect it has on our organism that multiple blood tests are required (especially in women) to make sure that the patient is not pregnant.

Also known as oral isotretinoin treatment or “strong acne pill,” this compound belongs to the family of oral retinoids. oral retinoidswhich are vitamin A-derived drugs.

The isotretinoin regulates the various pathophysiological processes occurring in acne, decreasing sebaceous secretion, eliminating keratin plugs and relieving inflammation of the lesions.by decreasing sebaceous secretion, eliminating keratin plugs and relieving inflammation of the lesions.

what the dermatologist recommends against acne

Once the compound is ingested, it must be eliminated by the liver, in many cases causing inflammation. In addition, the isotretinoin can raise cholesterol and triglyceride levels, so before starting treatment and for the duration of the treatment, it is necessary to that the liver and the lipids of the blood are well and that there is not a and there is no underlying disease that contraindicates it.

Its side effects side effectsThe most common symptoms that most patients suffer from are: extreme dryness of the skin and lips, dryness of the nasal and ocular mucosa. It also generates minor muscle discomfort in the back. If a woman is pregnant, this treatment may result in the death of her baby. teratogenicityan anomaly that causes severe malformations in the fetus.

Isn’t it amazing that dermatologists continue to prescribe this totally chemical and very harmful treatment, when there are different practices and natural tools to solve the problem of acne?

cosmetics recommended by dermatologists

Therefore, it is important, if you are a dermatologist or future dermatologist, that you study, research, test on your own skin and try to give the best recommendations for your patients. Because their skin depends on your knowledge. Constantly update it and don’t settle for what you have. In matters of study and learning, it is important to counteract all kinds of information and create your own personal criteria, following reason, but also the heart.

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