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What is green clay and what is it used for: green clay soap

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Green clay is one of the most popular clays on the cosmetic market. Why? For its many properties and benefits. In addition to the many beauty treatments, green clay is also known to be applied in medicine.

There are many types of clays. Green, white, red… However, green is the most popular because it is considered one of the most potent and one of the most beneficial. Its popularity is increasing, especially in natural medicine and beauty.

Although the best known name is green clay, there is also Illite, which is a type of green clay that is higher in calcium and lower in magnesium. This generates a great adherent power on the skin, which makes it clean more deeply.

green clay for cosmetic use

Origins of green clay

Green clay is the result of the decomposition of crystallized parent rocks, such as granite. This is found in various sedimentary layers such as water entrainment zones.

Clay has been known throughout the world for many years. In the past, it was used to cure all kinds of wounds and skin conditions, as well as a large number of inflammatory problems. In Egypt, for example, it was used to combat inflammations of the body, and was even sought after by embalmers for the mummification of bodies.

types of green clay

What is green clay used for and how can I use it?

Green clay has always been known for its purifying and antibacterial effect. It helps to deeply cleanse the skin while achieving the soothing effect you are looking for in a product of this type. In addition to providing elasticity and a feeling of freshness to your skin, green clay is a source of minerals such as aluminum, silicon, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Applications of green clay in natural cosmetics

It works especially for oily or combination skin, as it provides a purifying effect.

There are thousands of formulas for using this well-known natural ingredient. Its formula and use in soap improves the appearance of the face, refining pores and providing radiance.

In addition to including it in your daily cleansing routine, green clay soap is also intended to be used as a natural makeup remover before toner. Its soothing effect creates a protective layer against external agents. In addition, green clay absorbs oil from the skin and provides the freshness and cleansing sensation that combination or oily skin needs so much.

applications of green clay in natural cosmetics

Green clay soap

Green clay soaps are suitable for all skin types, although, unlike other soaps with clays, green clay works very well on combination, oily-prone skin. Moreover, being a handmade soap, its advantages are endless. They last a long time, although you should leave them in a well-draining soap dish to make them last much longer. A trick is to put some pebbles on top of your soap dish, so that the soap dries after each use.

In the market, we find green clay soap in many forms. For the face, green clay soap acts against acne and blackhead problems. On the body, on the other hand, soap helps to balance the skin and activate circulation.

Green clay soap is also ideal for massaging areas such as the legs and abdomen to give the skin a better appearance and help drain the area.Saper's natural and ecological green clay soap

A good example of the >green clay soaps is Green Clay Balancing Soap, our Green Clay Balancing Soap, a solid bar of organic soap that is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Its continued use, both in the morning and at night, improves the appearance of the skin, refines pores and brightens the face.

In addition, this clay soap for acne contains another very important ingredient in skin care, the aloe vera juice and the tea tree essential oil which, combined with green clay, leave the skin clean and ready to receive other active ingredients, such as serums or facial creams.

A recommended use would be to wet the soap until emulsified and get a dense and soft cream, rub it in circles to stimulate circulation and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

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