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What are comedogenic ingredients and where do we find them?

que son los ingredientes comedogenicos y donde los encontramos, en saper los clasificamos

Today more and more people are suffering from conditions such as acne, blackheads, clogged pores… and this is something we are studying very carefully.


Because we think that the skin is one of the most visible organs of the body and that its appearance has a great influence on our self-esteem. It is completely normal. That is why Saper was born. To cultivate love for oneself through the moments of self-care offered by organic, natural, quality and cruelty-free cosmetic products.

Today, in addition to pollution, poor diet, stress, fear, and/or endocrine disruptors, there are comedogenic ingredients.

And you may ask, what is this?

What are comedogenic ingredients?

Comedogenic ingredients are components that clog the pores of our skin and, as a consequence, favor the appearance of imperfections, such as blackheads, pimples, blackheads… this is also known as “cosmetic acne”.

If you have acne-prone skin, it is important to avoid the higher-grade comedogenic ingredients listed below.

acne-prone skin

Where can you find comedogenic ingredients?

Comedogenic ingredients are graded from 1 to 5 with 5 being a high grade and 1 a mild grade. Therefore:

  • If a grade 4 to 5 ingredient appears on a product’s ingredient list, avoid using that product.
  • If there is a grade 3-2 ingredient at the top of a product’s list, we also recommend avoiding it, as the first ingredients are the ones with the highest concentration.

High (Comedogenic Grade 4-5), not recommended for acne-prone skin due to its high oil content.

  • Mineral oils, liquid kerosene, petroleum jelly, petrolatum…
  • Corn, potato and rice starch
  • Fatty esters, such as beeswax
  • Saturated fatty acids, such as cocoa butter
  • Vegetable oils of coconut, palm oil and wheat germ oil

cocoa butter high comedogenic grade

Moderate (Comedogenic Grade 3-2):

  • Almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Avocado Oil

olive oil moderate comedogenic grade

Mild (Comedogenic Grade 0-1):

  • grape seed oil
  • sunflower oil
  • argan oil
  • jojoba oil

grapeseed oil mildly comedogenic


It is relevant to note that, although comedogenic ingredients may be present in cosmetic products, it does not necessarily mean that they cause acne in everyone. In some cases, there may be a combination of factors that lead to the appearance of acne, therefore, it is important to consider comedogenic ingredients as one of the factors that may influence the development of acne, but the type of skin you have will influence its reaction.

Consequently, to determine whether a product is comedogenic or not, it is recommended to read the list of ingredients (INCI) before purchase and make sure that they do not contain some of the grade 4-5 ingredients.

The important thing, when choosing cosmetics, is that they are natural, organic, animal cruelty-free, botanical, nourishing, high quality… whatever skin you have, choose cosmetics that cleanse, nourish and do not obstruct…

What facial routine can you use with our products?

For daily facial cleansing you can use the
Green Clay Soap
Argan Soap
as a day cream we have two options, either the
Hydramatt Skin Cream
or the cream
Bio-Protect 360
cream, and as a night serum the Perfect Balance Skin Serum and as an Eye Contour, I recommend the
Bio-Regenerate Cellular Eye Serum

cosmetic facial routine without high comedogenic ingredients



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