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Vertical wrinkles: how do they originate and how to treat them?

arrugas verticales

Do you know what vertical wrinkles are and how you can treat them? Find out all about it in this article.

As we age, a natural part of the body, two types of wrinkles emerge: horizontal wrinkles, also known as the wrinkles of happiness, and vertical wrinkles, also known as the wrinkles of stress and anxiety.

Before going deeper into this topic, we want to make it very clear that our mission is not to eradicate wrinkles, as they are an organic process that we must all learn to accept and cope with. They are the reflection of magical moments, of wisdom and experience, of smiles and tears.

Our purpose is to slow down the process through prevention and goodwill. To slow down its evolution and reduce its shape and size.

Today we want to talk to you about vertical wrinkles, how to prevent them and how to treat them.

remove vertical wrinkles

What are vertical wrinkles?

Vertical wrinkles are deep wrinkles resulting from the contraction of certain muscles and the effect of gravity. Among them, we can find:

  • Vertical forehead wrinkles (or frown lines)
  • Vertical wrinkles on the cheeks (nasolabial folds)
  • Vertical wrinkles on the upper lip (the “bar code”)
  • vertical wrinkles on the chin (“marionette lines”)
  • Vertical wrinkles on the neck
  • Vertical wrinkles at the neckline…

This type of wrinkles is often very annoying because, even with a relaxed and rested face, they are very visible. They appear due to a progressive loss of skin density and thinning of the dermal-epidermal junction.

Moreover, they tend to sadden any type of face: that’s why we want to help you prevent or reduce them. Because you deserve to look beautiful, happy and full of life.

vertical wrinkles on the lips

How to prevent vertical wrinkles?

One way to prevent vertical wrinkles is to practice meditation. We have seen that this type of age lines are formed from the contraction of the muscles, especially in times of stress, anxiety, exaggerated effort…

Therefore, learning to be masters of our mind will help us not to frown unconsciously, clench our teeth because of nerves, wrinkle the skin of our lips….

Following a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (avocado, nuts, chia seeds…), high quality proteins (tempeh, nuts, legumes…) and foods full of vitamins and minerals (fruits, green leaves, tubers, algae, sprouts, seeds) will also help you prevent vertical wrinkles.

Drinking plenty of water is another indispensable tool to prevent vertical wrinkles, because by properly hydrating the body, we hydrate the skin cells. 100% organic and natural coconut water is a real must, if you have easy access to it.

Wearing sunglasses in sunny areas is also important, as well as protecting your skin from radiation and not overexposing yourself to the sun.

How to treat vertical wrinkles?

If you already have vertical wrinkles and want to reduce their depth and visibility, not only can you start incorporating the above recommendations, but it is also very interesting to perform this facial yoga massage with your serum or natural cream every morning.

Using cosmetics rich in vitamin C can multiply the effect of this exercise and accelerate the rejuvenation process.

We recommend our Radiant Skin Serum and/or
Illuminating Serum
(you can start with the former and finish with the latter). Opting for certified organic, natural and botanical cosmetics will also add points to the final result: by being free of toxins, you are not only nourishing your skin cells, but also cleansing and revitalizing them.

organic anti-aging serum


anti-aging serum

Finally, remember that life is an evolution and that your body does not represent you: take care of it as a temple, but keep in mind a certain detachment. Enjoy life without worrying too much about your appearance: if you feel beautiful inside, you will radiate beauty through your every cell. It is really worth it.


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