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Top 10 of the bio firms made in spain. Report Organic Cosmetics MujerHoy Magazine

The rise of organic cosmetics in Spain

In June 2018 a fantastic report was published in #mujerhoy Magazine about organic cosmetics, they talked about the “Top 10 bio made in spain firms”, and there we were, within the top 10 Spanish brands.

Natural cosmetics are increasingly in demand by consumers, as they are made with ingredients of natural origin and free of chemical substances that are harmful to health.

When we talk about organic cosmetics, we refer to natural cosmetics but, in this case, a % of the ingredients with which the products are made come from organic agriculture, in which NO pesticides or biocides are used in the cultivation process.

The result is a cosmetic free of chemical residues and of high quality and effectiveness.

Main Ingredients of Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics stands out for the exclusive use of ingredients of natural origin, but what does this mean? Well, when we talk about natural ingredients, we are referring to derivatives of plants, fruits, seeds, roots, flowers, leaves, resins, fruits, etc. ….. let’s give examples to make it easier to understand, for example, we have:

  • vegetable oils obtained from fruit, such as olive oil, almond oil, or argan oil
  • vegetable butters, which are obtained from seeds such as cocoa butter, or shea butter
  • essential oils, which are obtained from flowers and aromatic plants, such as lavender essential oil, rose, rosemary, sage, etc. ….
  • hydrolate or floral waters, which are obtained from the extraction process of essential oils.
  • aloe vera juice, which is obtained from the plant of the same name
  • extracts, obtained by macerating different plants in oil, alcohol or vegetable glycerin, which are highly valued and used in natural cosmetics, due to their high concentration of active ingredients.

Organic Facial Toner

In the #mujerhoy article they highlighted the Facial Toner, packaged in violet glass to ensure optimal preservation and made with 100% natural ingredients, such as aloe vera juice, rose hydrolat, immortelle extract, vegetable glycerin and lemon essential oil. A must in your beauty ritual.

Here is the link with more information about the ingredients and a video explaining how to use the tonic.
use of the tonic


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Victoria Sánchez
Soy una apasionada de la cosmética natural y ecológica, y creadora de la marca Saper Organic Skincare en 2011. Máster en Cosmetología y experta en evaluación y seguridad del producto cosmético. Mi objetivo es la belleza, la salud y la sostenibilidad del planeta. Para ello busco siempre los mejores ingredientes e investigo formulaciones de cosmética vegana, obteniendo los mejores resultados para la piel, cuidando siempre del medio ambiente.
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