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The Renaissance of the Anti-ageing line: a turn towards elegance and innovation

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In the world of cosmetics, where innovation meets style, we are setting a new milestone with the rebranding of our anti-aging line packaging. Moving from a silver label design to a design where the main protagonist is the screen-printed violet glass bottle, this transformation is not only a statement of elegance, but also a reflection of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

This corporate change is much more than aesthetic; itis a testament to the brand’s innovative approach to skin care andenvironmentalpreservation.

A New Look: elegance and sophistication, pure and natural active ingredients and the power of Violet Crystal.

SåperCosmética‘s Anti-Aging line has always been synonymous with quality and efficacy. Now, with its new design, the line adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. This aesthetic change not only enhances the beauty of the product, but also reflects the prestige and purity of the ingredients it contains.

At the heart of the anti-aging line are the highest percentages of pure natural andorganic active ingredients, true superfoods for the skin. At Såper Cosmética, with our own laboratory, we guarantee the traceability and origin of all our raw materials. We prepare small batches by hand to ensure that the products always arrive fresh and full of life to our customers.

What really sets the Såper Anti-Aging Såper’s anti-ageing line is not only the change to a darker outer color, but the continued use of Crystal Violet packaging. Avoiding Bisphenol-A and Phthalates in plastics, we chose glass, the most sustainable and reusable material with the best recycling rate available. This conscious choice demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the health of our customers.

packaging change in Saper Anti Age Line

Biophotonic Technology for Optimal Conservation

At the heart of Såper’s anti-aging line lies a quiet revolution in cosmetic product preservation:biophotonic technology. This advanced technology focuses on the use of light to preserve and improve product quality.

Butwhat does it really mean and how does it benefit the products we love?

Biophotonic technology refers to the use of light and its properties to influence and preserve biological substances, in this case, the active ingredients in our cosmetic products. At Såper Cosmetics, this technology is implemented through the use of Violet Glass containers, which are capable of filtering out certain types of light while allowing others to pass through.

violet crystal packaging Saper anti-aging line

Benefits of Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light, often known for its harmful effects when too intense, actually has unique preservative properties when used in a controlled manner. Såper’s Violet Glass containers allow a specific amount of ultraviolet light to pass through. This light acts as a natural preservative, energizing and keeping the molecules of the active ingredients alive.

Improved Preservation: Ultraviolet light helps maintain the integrity and potency of the active ingredients, extending the shelf life of the product without the need for harsh chemical preservatives.

Oxidation Protection: By blocking visible light that can degrade and oxidize ingredients, Violet packaging ensures that products maintain their efficacy from the first to the last use.

Ingredient Enhancement: Controlled exposure to ultraviolet light can even enhance certain ingredients, maintaining their active and effective molecular structure.

The implementation of biophotonic technology in Såper’s packaging is not just a technical achievement; it is a new dimension in skin care. This innovation allows us to offer products that are purer, more powerful and more efficient.

In addition, these Cristal Violeta containers reflect our commitment to sustainability. By extending the life of products and reducing the need for synthetic preservatives, we are at the forefront of a more environmentally friendly and conscious approach to cosmetics.

On the other hand, with the switch to black packaging, our customers enjoy a more luxurious and elegant user experience. The black design not only enhances the product’s presence on any shelf, but also creates a sense of mystery and anticipation when using the product.

As you can see, at Såper Cosmética, every decision made, from product formulation to packaging design, is made with quality and sustainability in mind. The new packaging design of the anti-aging line is a reflection of this unwavering commitment.

new image of the Saper anti-aging line

In conclusion, we would like to make it clear that the change of image in the packaging of the Anti-age line represents a step forward in the fusion of beauty, science and sustainability.

This shift towards giving prominence to the packaging, while maintaining the protection and innovation of Violet glass, not only enhances the elegance of the brand, but also reaffirms Såper’s commitment to creating products that are as beneficial to the skin as they are environmentally friendly.

Discover the magic of the Anti-age line in its new presentation and immerse yourself in a skin care experience that is truly luxurious, effective and conscious.

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