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The importance of packaging in sustainable cosmetics: eco-friendly choices

cristal violeta

As a result of all the negative effects that plastic has on our personal and environmental health, many natural cosmetics companies, especially the brands that sell plastic products, are now using it as a raw material. niche cosmetics (like us), we have decided to invest time, money and many hours of study and effort in finding a sustainable, eco-friendly, aesthetic and high quality packaging.

What is sustainable packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is packaging that uses raw materials that respect the environment as well as the active ingredients.

When we use plastic packaging, we are not only generating a waste that is not biodegradable, and that will become a polluting waste for nature. We are also impregnating the formulation with their toxicants, also known as endocrine disruptors, which we have discussed in other articles. These are capable of altering the correct functioning of our hormones, creating chaos and imbalances that generate autoimmune diseases such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, acne rashes, eczema….

Therefore, eco-friendly packaging not only respects the planet, but does not harm our own ecosystem.

What is the packaging like in Såper’s sustainable cosmetics?

At Såper Cosmetics we use a very special eco-friendly packaging: violet glass.


For several reasons. The violet crystal is manufactured with biophotonic technology:

  • It respects and preserves the active ingredients present in the ingredients, guaranteeing their natural conservation and durability.
durability ingredients in different types of glass
Source: https://www.mironglass.com/es/
  • Protects from the visible light spectrum (sunlight), which are very harmful as they accelerate the oxidation process of vegetable oils and butters, and only let in the ultraviolet light spectrum, which has the ability to preserve and maintain the active ingredients for a much longer period of time. Therefore, violet glass can even improve the already high quality of the formulation.
benefits violet crystal protection from the sun's rays
Source: https://www.mironglass.com/es/
  • Respects the biophotons (compounds that when absorbed improve vitality, prevent disease and slow down premature aging) of the natural ingredients of our organic cosmetics…
violet crystal respects biophotons
Source: https://www.mironglass.com/es/

In addition to this, the production of violet glass respects environmental parameters.

Because for us, this is also very, very important.

What is its impact on the environment?

Violet glass is 100% eco-friendly. It is made from a pure raw material, which is reusable and 100% recyclable.

In addition, the fact that it correctly preserves the ingredients and guarantees their shelf life reduces product wastage.

Reusable and recyclable packaging means packaging that can be used again, without any risk.

Source: https://www.mironglass.com/es/

If you buy online, we will send you our cosmetics in recycled and biodegradable cardboard boxes. We have a commitment to planet earth: our duty is to take care of humanity without harming its creator, nature.

Raising people’s awareness of this is another of our mandates: we want people to start caring not only about their skin when they buy Såper, but also about the kindest and most sustainable way to take care of their skin and also the Earth.

Såper and Violet Glass, a relationship that lasts more than 10 years

In short, to ensure the preservation of our precious botanical ingredients
our precious botanical ingredients
We do not use plastic packaging, we pack all our products in Crystal Violet, avoiding Bisphenol-A and Phthalates in plastics. As we have seen, glass is the most sustainable, reusable and recyclable material with the best recycling rate.

VIOLETT GLASS containers guarantee the preservation and effectiveness of the active ingredients of our creations by blocking visible light, but allowing a certain amount of ultraviolet light to pass through, which acts as a natural preservative, extending the life of our products by preventing oxidation and keeping the properties of the active ingredients intact.

violet glass for natural cosmetics
Source: https://www.mironglass.com/es/

The quality of the ingredients is the first step to have a quality and effective cosmetic: but the quality of its container (which holds and protects it) is also fundamental, to guarantee its effectiveness during the whole time of use.

It is also elegant, noble and delicate, three values that define Såper perfectly.

About the author
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