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The best beauty tricks with natural ingredients

trucos de belleza

03A beauty ritual is a sacred moment of self-care. If you notice, all living beings use different types of tools to care for and cultivate our hygiene and beauty.

Cats lick themselves to clean themselves, birds make themselves beautiful to court a bird, monkeys eat their lice to take care of their fellow man… and although these are very unique and particular beauty tricks, the intention behind them is the same as that of a facial mask (for example): to take care of and beautify the body.

To make it pleasant to see, smell, touch and feel, but above all to inhabit. Because the most beautiful thing in the world is to take care of yourself.

Today we come with the best beauty tricks with natural ingredients, to feel beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

Facial beauty tips

There are different natural ingredients that can help us enhance our genuine beauty.

Become facial massages or practice facial yoga with organic serums, like our entire range of golden elixirs that you will find in our online store, is an essential beauty practice with a double gift: take care of your skin and feel good. Both facial yoga and facial massage exercises are very relaxing and toning at the same time.

On our Instagram account you will find several reels with exercises for different areas of the face, such as the cheeks, neck, eyes, forehead… Even the ears… because by taking care of one area of the body, you take care of the rest, since everything is deeply connected and related.

Making organic face masks with natural ingredients is another beauty trick to incorporate into your self-care and wellness toolkit. Not only do you give your face a break, providing it with nourishment and love through the active ingredients present in the mask, but you can also take advantage of this moment to take a break and lie down in a nice place for a few moments.

Close your eyes and breathe gently through your nose. Observe how the air enters and exits through your nostrils. With each breath you relax a little more. You can even imagine the active ingredients of the mask you have placed on your face penetrating the pores of your skin and revitalizing your skin cells.

Our detox facial mask is ideal for this. Its bioactive anti-aging principles, such as gardenia and rice powder, slow down stress-related aging and help repair and prevent damage caused by pollution.

body beauty tricks

The exfoliating argan particles remove dead cells and help complete regeneration. In addition, one application every week is sufficient.

Another very easy and simple beauty trick is to play with body temperature. While heat opens the skin’s pores and allows it to eliminate toxins and waste, cold helps to tone and rejuvenate it.

You can do steam baths on your face, and let the skin breathe and detoxify.

Alternatively, at another time, you can cool an organic cotton cloth in ice water and place it on your forehead and eye area for a few minutes. You will feel your entire face decongested, smoothed and repaired.

Beauty tips for the body

For the body, there are also some Beauty tricks similar to those for the face.

The best beauty tricks with natural ingredients 1

Body massages with organic natural oils such as our botanical range with detox, firming and nourishing body oil, is the most essential and easy to perform beauty trick. In addition to brightening and revitalizing your skin, a self-massage also reduces stress and activates the body’s internal regeneration and repair system.

On the other hand, playing with temperature is also a good option. While the sauna helps you eliminate toxins, cold showers are ideal for toning and regenerating cells.

Moving is another easy and simple beauty trick for the body. It is not necessary to go to the gym and spend hours and hours. A simple walk in the woods, on a beach or in a park is already very, very healthy. Choose the type of movement that suits your body: if you like to dance, dance, swim, swim, swim, run, run…

The best beauty tricks with natural ingredients 3

Finally, and this would be for body and face, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. It is during sleep that the body performs virtually all of its repair, regeneration, internal cleansing and reconstruction functions. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to make you feel more beautiful.

From Saper, we want to show you that taking care of yourself does not have to be something complicated, but rather a ritual that not only gives external beauty, but above all beauty and inner well-being. That’s why we prioritize quality over quantity, organic over synthetic… because in simplicity lies real beauty.

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