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Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020

Organics Clean Awards 2020

Finally, the first awards for the best natural and organic cosmetics in Spain are now a reality. And we want to share it with all of you in our natural and organic cosmetics blog.

We were impatiently waiting for them, awards Made in Spain, serious, well-founded and valued by the best professionals. Its aim is that consumers know the best brands and products to help you choose the best natural and certified organic cosmetics.

And who got involved in such a commitment and enormous project? Nina Benito, the creator of
Organics Magazine
the most important website about natural cosmetics in Spain. Nina is a great professional pioneer in the world of communication and specifically in natural cosmetics, who supported by a very important panel of experts, launched a few months ago the first edition of the Organics Clean Awards.

On November 22, we attended the awards ceremony, a Gala Dinner at the Restaurant La Marítima de Veles e Vents, in Valencia, which served to meet many brands of other entrepreneurs, and strengthen relationships between key players in the natural cosmetics sector.
natural cosmetics sector

Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020 1
Fernando Sánchez at the Awards Ceremony


Some 50 national and international brands were presented for the various awards divided into several categories:

1. Certified Brand Awards (certified cosmetics)
2. Clean Brand Awards (non-certified cosmetics)
3. Special awards
4. Best Product Awards

Awards won by the Brand at the Organics Clean Awards

At Såper we are very proud, as we have won no less than 5 AWARDS, two of them for best certified organic brand and the other three for best certified organic product:

Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020 3



Yes, for those of you who still don’t know, it’s been more than 3 years since we launched the first
Professional line for Beauty Centers
In this line, the main Natural Beauty Centers in Spain work in the beauty salon with our naturally effective products.


Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020 5


Best certified LUXURY BRAND

A lot has had to do with the new
new Anti-Age
our latest and most exclusive creations with the highest effectiveness due to its BIO oils and the best natural and ecological extracts on the planet.



Award-winning products at the Organics Clean Awards

Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020 7


Best Certified Cleansing Balm:

Our most luxurious cleanser, from the new Anti-Aging line, which, while it removes make-up and cleanses the skin, provides active ingredients that nourish in depth.


Såper Organic Skincare receives 5 Awards at the Organics Clean Awards 2020 9


Best Certified Serum:

Saper’s most glamorous and special product, with anti-pollution and anti-wrinkle ingredients that fight free radicals and improve hydration and aging due to the passage of time, pollution and environmental factors.


skin repair body butter


Best Certified Body Cream:

Our best-selling and best-selling recipe for the body, a recipe with the best results for all skin types, with a scent that makes you fall in love from the first moment.



We can only recommend the products to you if you have not tried them, and continue to enjoy these awards.

Our heartfelt thanks to Nina Benito and the rest of his team, the meticulous work they have done to bring this project to fruition. first edition has been a success We look forward to many more editions in the coming years and of course to all of you for your trust.

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Victoria Sánchez
Soy una apasionada de la cosmética natural y ecológica, y creadora de la marca Saper Organic Skincare en 2011. Máster en Cosmetología y experta en evaluación y seguridad del producto cosmético. Mi objetivo es la belleza, la salud y la sostenibilidad del planeta. Para ello busco siempre los mejores ingredientes e investigo formulaciones de cosmética vegana, obteniendo los mejores resultados para la piel, cuidando siempre del medio ambiente.
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