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Properties of green tea extract

propiedades del extracto de té verde

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular. We can find it in drink format, with matcha tea, in food format, with sweets made from green tea, in olfactory format, such as green tea essential oil, and in topical format, with cosmetics made from green tea.

Why this craze for green tea?

Read on and you will understand…

What is the origin of green tea and what are its benefits?

Green tea(Camellia Sinensis) is a plant native to northern India and southern China, which gradually spread throughout eastern Asia: Japan, Java, Ceylon and Indonesia.

green tea plantation

Legend has it that a Chinese emperor (Shen Nung) was in his wonderful and bucolic garden full of exotic and wild plants with a container of hot water.

A gentle, light breeze stirred some ripe leaves that delicately fell into the bowl of hot water.

The emperor was surprised by the wild and comforting aroma it gave off. He tasted it and was moved by its refreshing flavor. He soon began to popularize this drink: green tea. A concoction with a great antioxidant and depurative power.

It can be considered one of the “healthiest natural beverages on the planet“. Full of vitamins and minerals, it has been associated with improvements in brain function, fat loss, decreased risk of cancer…

green tea smoothie

The main benefits of green tea are:

  • Its high content of bioactive components: rich in polyphenols, it helps reduce inflammation in the body, and in catechins, it helps prevent cell damage. These active ingredients in green tea also help reduce free radicals, thus protecting cells from oxidative damage.
  • Its moderate caffeine content stimulates intelligence without altering the nervous system.
  • It raises the metabolic rate, favoring fat reduction and improving sports performance.
  • Its high antioxidant content reduces the likelihood of cancer.
  • Increases life expectancy: recent scientific studies have shown that consumers of green tea live longer.

The list could go on and on, so now let’s see if green tea is good for the skin and what are its effects on it.

Is green tea extract good for the face?

Yes, green tea is good for the skin. Even very good. As long as it is of organic origin, has been well extracted and is kept protected by glass containers(if you want to know more about the benefits of glass packaging, read this article on our blog).

It is interesting that it comes with a vehicle to incorporate it into cosmetics: it can be an oil of organic vegetable origin of first cold pressing, such as olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil, for example. Or with a quality natural butter or an infusion obtained from macerating green tea, hot or cold. We have opted for a glycerinated extract of green tea, without fermenting or oxidizing, that is, we macerate the green tea in organic vegetable glycerin for 20 days, and thus obtain a very concentrated extract that can be incorporated into different formulations. This extract is very rich in tannins, polyphenols (caffeic and chlorogenic acids), vitamins (C, B, PP and carotenes), bioflavonoids and trace elements (fluorine and zinc).

It is also interesting to combine it with active ingredients that complement it, but do not detract from its value.

green tea extract

That’s why it’s so important to consume organic and natural cosmetic products from brands that have spent years and years studying and experimenting with different botanical ingredients and topical formulas, rather than buying just anything or making your own cosmetics at home. Because the bioactive principles of natural ingredients need to follow specific processes and protocols in order to take advantage of all their benefits.

Do you know what are the most incredible properties of Green Tea extract for the skin?

Green tea extract has incredible properties for the skin:

  • Contains vitamin C and E, two natural antioxidants that help reduce facial imperfections such as acne and/or blemishes.
  • As we have seen before, it contains catechins, tannins and isoflavones, components that prevent cellular aging and keep the skin fresh, while reducing inflammation.
  • It works as a wonderful natural moisturizer to treat eczema, for example.

cream with green tea

  • Its catechin content helps to reduce acne, as it is antibacterial and can reduce excessive hormonal activity, often the main cause of acne.
  • It can be used as a natural tonic, obtaining a total cleansing of the face and eliminating all types of impurities. For very sensitive skin prone to redness, products with green tea extract can help soothe and refresh.

At Saper Cosmética, you will find different products with natural green tea extract, such as the Bio-Regenerate Cellular Eye Serum (Regenerating Eye Contour) or the Bio-Protect 360 cream (Protective Fluid Cream). We believe that its enormous antioxidant and regenerative power should be in our natural, organic, cruelty free & vegan cosmetics. Manufactured in our own laboratory, with great awareness and respect for the environment, animals and people.

green tea serum

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