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Photodermatosis: when the sun becomes an enemy to your skin


At Såper, where the harmony between beauty and skin health is our guide, our priority, we tackle a subject as luminous as it is complex: photodermatosis.

This phenomenon, where the sun, source of life, light and energy, becomes an adversary for the skin, weaves an intricate tapestry that deserves to be understood with sensitivity, respect and attention.

Through this journey, we will explore what photodermatosis is, its treatments and how the wisdom of organic cosmetics can offer a safe place for those navigating these sometimes stormy waters. A gentle solution to treat this condition.

Photodermatosis: when the light darkens

Photodermatosis, that whisper in the wind that can turn a sunny day into a skin odyssey, is an abnormal reaction to sun exposure.

This umbrella term encompasses a variety of conditions, from idiopathic photodermatoses to the more common forms of solar photodermatoses, where the skin, in its dialogue and interaction with the sun, encounters dissonance rather than melody.

Unraveling the mystery: what is photodermatosis?

As mentioned above, photodermatosis encompasses a spectrum of skin disorders triggered or exacerbated by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

These disorders can be classified into idiopathic photodermatoses, such as polymorphous light eruption, and photodermatoses secondary to existing conditions.

Photodermatosis manifests as an altered immune response to sun exposure, presenting symptoms such as rashes, redness, inflammation, erythema and, in severe cases, pain.

It does not discriminate against age or gender, making any person a potential carrier of this solar sensitivity. Understanding it is the first step towards protection, towards a balance between enjoying the sun and taking care of our skin.

sun exposure

The treatment of solar photodermatosis resembles a delicate dance, one that seeks to minimize the impact of sun exposure while nourishing and protecting the skin. The key lies in prevention, in weaving a shield of care that keeps the skin in the best health conditions, and in protecting the skin when exposed to the sun, both with sunscreen creams and with hats and other elements that prevent the sun from directly hitting the exposed skin.

Såper: guardians of your skin

At Såper, we believe in the power of nature as an ally in skin care, especially when facing challenges such as photodermatosis.

Our products are designed not only to beautify it, but to protect and strengthen it against adversities. All vegetable oils and shortenings used in the formulation of the products are rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9such as almond oil, fruit oil, passion oil, mallow oil, calendula oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, among others. By incorporating these ingredients we take advantage of their ability to nourish, protect, soothe, prevent dehydration, and even help regenerate the skin in a natural and healthy way.

This cleansing balm combines passion fruit and mallow oils, recognized for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The remaining ingredients, vegetable oils and butters, deeply nourish and prepare the skin for the next step.

The inclusion of pink clay allows for gentle exfoliation, eliminating impurities without compromising the skin barrier. This product is key to maintaining clean and nourished skin, reducing susceptibility to photodermatosis.

nourishing cleansing balm for photodermatosis

Formulated with ingredients such as green tea, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this protective fluid creates a barrier against harmful environmental factors, including UV radiation.

Green tea offers significant antioxidant properties, while high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ensures deep and prolonged hydration.

This cream is essential for comprehensive daily protection and nourishment.

This product offers a defense against pollution and oxidative stress, two factors that can exacerbate photodermatosis.

Enriched with organic vegetable oils and antioxidants such as vitamin C, this cream not only protects, but also promotes cell regeneration and improves skin firmness.

anti-pollution firming cream

  • Night Repair Serum Bio-Repair Oil Night Elixir

This night serum is a concentrate of botanical active ingredients, vitamins A, E and C, and trace elements, designed to boost nocturnal cell regeneration.

By promoting the natural production of collagen and elastin, this elixir is vital for repairing damage accumulated during the day, including that caused by photodermatosis.

repair serum to boost nocturnal cell regeneration

Commitment to research and sustainability

At Såper, our focus goes beyond developing effective products; we strive to deeply understand the scientific basis behind skin conditions such as photodermatosis.

This commitment leads us to select evidence-based ingredients, ensuring that each formulation not only responds to the needs of the skin, but also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Living with photodermatosis: a way of life

Adopting a conscious lifestyle is essential for those living with photodermatosis.

This includes:

  • Moderate sun exposure: seeking shade during peak sun hours and wearing protective clothing can be as crucial as choosing the best treatment for sun photodermatosis.
  • Nutrition and hydration: a diet rich in antioxidants and adequate hydration strengthen the skin from within, complementing topical protection.
  • Listen to your skin: each skin is a universe. Learning to read their signals and respond with care and love is critical in the treatment of photodermatosis.

Photodermatosis, with its challenges and lessons, reminds us of the importance of living in harmony with our environment.

At Såper, each product is a poem dedicated to the resilient beauty of skin, offering solutions that embrace and protect.

By caring for your skin with the gentleness it deserves, we transform the act of protecting ourselves from the sun into an expression of self-love and respect for nature.

Photodermatosis is not a solitary path, but a journey we travel together, with the sun as our companion, learning to dance in its light without losing our essence.

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