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News about natural cosmetics

codos agrietados

Goodbye to cracked elbows

Something that many of us have, but don’t often pay much attention to are cracked elbows. Yes, most of us suffer from this natural condition: the elbow area is one

cremas antiestrías para el embarazo

Anti-stretch mark creams in pregnancy

Although pregnancy is a very exciting and rewarding time, it also brings with it many physical transformations and emotional ups and downs. It’s totally normal: a new life is coming.

propiedades del extracto de té verde

Properties of green tea extract

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular. We can find it in drink format, with matcha tea, in food format, with sweets made from green tea, in olfactory format, such as

mitos de la cosmética natural

The most common myths about natural cosmetics

Talking about natural cosmetics can sometimes be a bit complicated. The word “natural” usually awakens two different realities, depending on how people look at it. On the one hand, it

What is Almond Oil used for?

We wonder, what is almond oil good for, what are the benefits of almond oil, what are the properties of almond oil, what is almond oil good for? and today

What is a Serum?

Cleansers, toners, creams, serums, masks… There are so many products in living and natural cosmetics that sometimes it is difficult to know which one you need. Today we want to

Oily skin: everything you need to know

Find out all you need to know about oily and dehydrated skin Oily skin, also known as seborrhea dermatologists, is an excess of sebum an excess of sebum that shows

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