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New Year’s Eve Ritual: how to end your year well?

Discover the power of the New Year’s Eve ritual to end 2021 in peace

Did you know that a mistake can become a great gift if you know how to look at it? That any mistake holds a lesson if you reflect on it?

This is known as the power of alchemy. And this power resides in all living beings on this planet. Like a flower that can be transformed into an unctuous and fragrant natural cosmetic cream, the mistakes we make throughout the year can become masters that allow us to improve in the new year.New Year's Eve Ritual: how to end your year well? 1

New Year’s Eve energy

New Year’s Eve energy is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius. In Astrology, which is the study of the sky at every moment, this month is considered the perfect time to slow down the pace of our lives and reflect on the events that have transpired throughout the year.

Therefore, the energy we have at our disposal on New Year’s Eve helps us to enter more easily into a meditative and reflective state. This allows us to stop, reflect and interpret with more clarity and neutrality everything we have experienced.

New Year's Eve Ritual: how to end your year well? 2


What is a New Year’s Eve Ritual?

A New Year’s Eve Ritual is a sacred moment: we dedicate the necessary time and space to raise our energy and reflect on life.

There is a popular misconception about rituals: that they are the work of shamans and witches, that they are complicated and that many sacred objects are needed to perform them.

This is not true.

A ritual requires nothing more than your will.

The most important part of the ritual is the intention, the intention moves the subtle: From what position am I interested in this new fact, why am I attracted to the thought of creating a year-end ritual, what do I feel I need to work on, how do I feel about the year that has just passed, how do I feel about the year that has just passed, how do I feel about the year that has just passed, how do I feel about the year that has just passed?

You may not have answers to any of these questions. It’s all right. It is completely normal and natural. Only humans are obsessed with understanding things perfectly. Nature does not need concrete answers to live contentedly and serenely.

Thus, rituals are open and perfect experiences for any human on this Earth. Nothing more is required than predisposition.

A predisposition to try to see beyond the veil of our ego.New Year's Eve Ritual: how to end your year well? 3

The benefits of ritualizing the closing of the year

Ritualizing the year-end closing offers numerous short- and long-term benefits:

  • offers us a moment of rest and relaxation
  • gives us the opportunity to reflect on our life and the path we want to follow.
  • allows us to change
  • offers us a deeper understanding of reality: that appearances are not always accurate, and that behind the suffering there is always a great master.
  • reveals a great and noble truth: the most important thing in life is not to have it, but to be it.
  • gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better, which enables us to think better, speak better and choose more wisely.
  • dissolves in us the confusion and discomfort that are intrinsically related to the pandemic of today’s society: the existential void…

These are some of the benefits of ritualizing the end of the year and reflecting on what has happened to us. But the list is practically endless, and very intimate.

Everyone takes their own advantages from this tool when they put it into practice.

We, for example, like to ritualize our self-care moments, treating our skin with love and care.

Natural cosmetics is not a product: it is an experience that can transform many areas of your life. Through the
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New Year's Eve Ritual: how to end your year well? 4

By ritualizing this moment, you are taking care of yourself with natural and organic cosmetics. You are giving your brain to understand that loving and pampering yourself is very important. From this point on, new behavioral patterns are created and every time the opportunity arises, in a completely natural way, your brain will prioritize care and respect for your body over any other type of object or event.

How you treat your skin illustrates how you relate to the world, how you perceive the world and what your future may look like. Every little act is full of meaning. Every small act can make a big change.new year's eve ritual

The end of the year is the beginning of new moments.

Something that is universal is the following: meditating on what has happened to us, trying to understand why it has happened to us, realizing if we have learned something from the experience, or understanding that there are things that block us, allows us to change. Debut in a new existence. Embark on a new path that aligns with our essence.

New Year's Eve Ritual: how to end your year well? 5

When we live in tune with our heart, life takes on a new value. The things we do become sacred and full of magic. We woke up inspired. We go to sleep peacefully. The problems do not affect us as much. Solutions come to our mind more quickly. Because when we live through our heart, fear no longer dominates us. We learn to use it to move forward. Such is the confidence we feel in ourselves that nothing can break our security. A security that comes from within us and that allows us to be our best version every day.

Use this year’s closing to reflect on everything that bothers you, everything that worries you, what you regret, what you feel, the successes and failures accumulated, the agreements and disputes, the smiles and tears?

And do it step by step. At your own pace and without haste. Reflecting on and honoring each of your past actions. With love and compassion. From forgiveness and honor.

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