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Mallow flower extract benefits for the skin

Mallow flower, properties and benefits for the skin

The extract of the common mallow flower (Malva sylvestris) has beneficial properties for the skin and its effects have been known for centuries. In this article we are going to tell you what are the properties and benefits of mallow flower for the skin and what are its main cosmetic properties.

As is often the case, popular wisdom has guided science in its search for ways to make the most effective use of what nature provides us.

Mallow extract has medicinal and cosmetic properties, and in the flower of this beautiful plant of European origin at Såper we have found one of the key ingredients for the care of mature skin.

mallow flower benefits

Mallow flower: a “sacred” plant

Healing properties of mallow throughout history

In ancient times, several civilizations had their register of edible and useful plants. At times, some were even considered sacred for the benefits they brought.

This is the case of mallow, which was apparently considered a herb with great properties by both the Greeks and the Romans.

In fact, the origin of the name comes from Latin
which means soft and indicates how the emollient properties of this plant were already known centuries ago.

In Roman times, the health benefits of mallow were already known and the same plant, according to Horace, was used in cooking. It seems that Cicero ate mallow buds in salad to take care of his voice and Martial recommended its use as a laxative.

properties and benefits of mallow flower

Charlemagne included it in the list of plants in the legislative act Capitulare de villis vel curtis imperii, thus forcing the cultivation of the common mallow in all his personal gardens.

During the Middle Ages the application of this herb for the relief of different types of diseases gave it the attribute of omnimorbia, a plant that cures all ills.

Until a few decades ago, in the peasant culture mallow flowers were placed in the bride’s trousseau because they were believed to help preserve beauty.

mallow extract for the skin

Mallow is not only a very common plant that grows spontaneously and is easy to find in the temperate zones of Europe, Asia and Africa, but because of its properties it has become an element of popular culture.

So much so that we even use this flower in colloquial phrases: “to belike a mallow”, “to be raising mallows” and sayings such as, for example, “The simple mallow flower saves infinite lives”.

However, the most interesting thing is that today, thanks to science, we are able to study the active principles of plant origin.
active ingredients of plant origin
and understand why some plants are beneficial to our health and well-being.

mallow flower natural cosmetics

Mallow flower benefits for the skin

  • In mallow flowers, one of the benefits that stands out for the skin is the anti-inflammatory and demulcent effect due to an abundant presence of the mucilage substance.
  • In addition, it is rich in tannins, which are active principles with antioxidant properties and that we find in other plants such as the
  • The flowers of this species always contain a high percentage of plant pigments (anthocyanosides), among which malvina stands out, which is the substance that gives mallow its characteristic color.

Mallow is also a source of vitamins A and C and group B (B1 and B2) and mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium and iron.

mallow flower oil

Cosmetic properties of mallow for the face

The presence of water in the most superficial layers of the skin is what allows it to maintain a certain elasticity and fulfill its barrier function.

The high content of mucilage provided by the mallow flower is a precious ally for the health of the skin in this regard. These substances have a great capacity to retain water and, thanks to this action, contribute to greater skin elasticity.

In other words, wild mallow extract acts as a regulator of skin hydration and in cosmetics it is also used for its soothing, anti-edematous and exfoliating properties.

mallow extract for the skin

Mallow extract in natural cosmetics

Slowaging cosmetic product line

All the benefits of mallow to moisturize and improve skin elasticity are proposed to you in our
Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Line.

In our formulations we take advantage of the synergy of plants such as sea buckthorn

sea buckthorn

and mallow to care for your skin naturally with high quality ingredients.

At Såper we propose three products rich in active ingredients that delay premature aging and are ideal for the care and hydration of mature skin:

  • Balm


    . Its scent and texture transform the daily skin cleansing ritual into a relaxing break that delights your senses. With this product you will be pampering your skin thanks to active ingredients such as red clay, which allows a light exfoliation, and mallow flower extract, which provides hydration and helps to soothe the harmful effects of environmental factors.antiage_balsam_cleansing_cleansing_ecological_saper_award_prize
  • Antioxidant Serum. The combination of plant extracts with antioxidant and moisturizing effects, such as myrrh, immortelle and
    aloe vera, mallow flower extract and sea buckthorn, among others, will make your skin look brighter immediately after application.antiage_serum_illuminator_antiox_saper_award_prize

  • Anti-Pollution Firming Cream

    . The texture of this product is designed to facilitate rapid absorption and allow your skin to take advantage of all the benefits of its formulation from the first application. In our laboratory, we have carefully selected the best extracts and first-pressed organic oils to provide you with high quality products and visible results. Thanks to the properties of mallow flower and other plant extracts, your skin will feel more hydrated with a more even and luminous appearance.


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