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I overdid it in the summer, how can I repair my sun-damaged skin?

In summer, the skin suffers more than at any other time of the year: the heat, the long, pleasant and languid hours in the sun, the sea salt on the skin, the chlorine in the swimming pool, the mismatch of schedules, the hours of sleep lost, the changes in food… All this has a direct impact on the condition and health of our skin.

And while none of this is wrong, if we do it from awareness, love, kindness and in moderation, it is important to use the months
summer months to recover.

Why yes, because we may not have protected ourselves properly and suddenly we have more spots than usual, or we suffer from hyperpigmentation. We may not have moisturized properly, and we may have dry skin. Or maybe we have overindulged in mojitos and an acne outbreak has appeared.

There can be thousands of causes of damaged skin: the important thing is to know the origin in order to be able to treat the damage with certainty and intelligence.

We, today, will focus on covering skin damaged by the summer sun’s rays: if you want to know more about what kind of products to use, what routine to incorporate and what new habits can help you, read on.

effects of sun exposure on the skin

Skin Routine to repair skin damaged by the summer sun.

Although sun exposure has numerous benefits for the bodysuch as the synthesis of vitamin D or the regulation of circadian rhythms, in summer we relax and allow our skin to be overexposed to the sun.

It is not serious if we do it in moderation and we accompany it with a routine
to repair damaged and/or burned and/or tanned skin.

What do we usually see on our skin after the summer?

  • SunspotsSolar lentigines are treated and frequently appear on the cheeks, forehead and mustache, which are the areas of the body that receive the most exposure to the sun. The ideal is to use a product that helps to inhibit the melanogenesis process for a progressive depigmentation of the skin. In this case, Bio Repair Oil Nigth Elixir may be a good choice: with 20 botanical active ingredients of the highest quality, this cocktail of natural oils mattifies wrinkles and sun spots.
  • Solar acne Another symptom of hot and humid summer weather is acne. Because the combination of heat, humidity and high solar intensity can generate summer acne outbreaks. In this case, what we will use is a gentle, skin-friendly cleanser, such as our Green Clay Balancing Soap, followed by Fresh Flower Facial Toner, Perfect Balance Skin Serum and Hydramatt Skin Cream. This step-by-step combination of products will solve your acne problem.
    summer, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the skin in depth, without clogging or closing pores.
  • Photoaging wrinklesbecause, even if we don’t like to hear it, the sun ages. The consequence of UVA rays on our skin are changes in the arrangement of collagen and elastin fibers, which are essential to provide firmness and elasticity to the skin. When these are altered, the skin begins to sag and wrinkles gain depth. The ideal, in this situation, is to use antioxidant productsrange, such as our Anti-Age rangeBio Nutritive Cleansing Balm, Regenerating Rose Hip Serum, Bio Regenerate Cellular Eye Serum and Bio Illuminating Vit C Antiox Serum.

tips for healing summer sun-damaged skin

Other tips to heal summer-damaged skin.

And although establishing a beauty routine with high quality, sustainable natural cosmetic products is a fundamental step, it is also important to resume a lifestyle that promotes proper skin hydration and nutrition. These are some small habits that you can gradually incorporate into your daily life, so that one day they will become an inherent part of your life:

  • Drink quality waterfiltered, natural and/or with freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice, sliced cucumber, raspberries, strawberries…
  • Follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals with plenty of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and sprouts, whole grains and legumes, nuts and seaweed…
  • Cultivate a correct sleep hygienecreating well-established schedules that allow us to feel energetic during the day and relaxed at night…
  • Walking every dayeven if it is only 5 minutes without haste. This will help us activate the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating most of the toxins that have accumulated throughout the summer in the body….

girl sunbathing

These are just a few of the countless practices that can help you heal damaged skin after the summer. Cold showers, homemade facial masks, conscious breathing exercises and facial massages can also help. The important thing is not to do everything; the important thing is to do what you can, with love and little by little.

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