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How to store cosmetics for better preservation?

conservantes naturales cosmetica

Natural cosmetics, like any product of natural origin, can spoil or expire if they are not properly preserved.

Using expired or damaged cosmetic products can have very negative effects on the skin (depending on its sensitivity) and therefore on the whole organism (remember that, in the body, everything is deeply and wisely connected). It can generate allergies, irritations, acne… Among many other things.

In addition, when they are out of date or damaged, they lose their effectiveness: not only do you wear something that can hurt you, but they have also lost some of their positive effects.

That is why it is essential to always look at the expiration date of a facial or body product and learn how to properly store your natural cosmetics.

What are natural preservatives?

Natural preservatives are ingredients or substances that have been chosen, due to their properties, to prevent the appearance of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts, which can contaminate and spoil the cosmetic product formulation during storage and subsequent use by the consumer. They help to extend the life of the cosmetic and help to maintain the properties of the bioactive ingredients for a longer period of time.

The most widely used natural and organic preservatives in natural cosmetics today are organic acids and their salts, such as benzoic acid, sorbic acid and dehydroacetic acid, which are used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. These ingredients have antimicrobial properties and help to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products while maintaining their quality and safety.

Another of the most commonly used ingredients in certified natural cosmetics is benzyl alcohol.is an organic compound found naturally in various sources, such as plants, fruits and essential oils, has antimicrobial properties, which means it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in cosmetic products, and is also effective against fungi and yeasts, which is especially beneficial in formulations that may be prone to fermentation or fungal growth.

appearance of microorganisms in cosmetics

However, as we have seen in the article on the different types of sustainable packaging, it can also function as a natural preservative, as it has been shown that violet glass packaging, for example, not only extends the properties of natural ingredients, but can even improve their availability and effectiveness.

However, it is also important to learn how to properly store any natural and organic cosmetic product.

How to preserve natural cosmetics?

It is important to understand that the place where we store our facial creams and serums can greatly influence the proper preservation of their oils, butters, natural extracts…

Therefore, to properly protect and preserve the properties of organic cosmetics, it is important:

  • store any type of cosmetics out of direct sunlight,
  • avoid keeping it under high temperatures, and this does not mean that the containers should be kept in the refrigerator, but in a cool place,
  • Close the container tightly after use to prevent oxidation,
  • avoid storing your organic cosmetics in a humid environment…

Natural and organic cosmetics do not necessarily expire sooner or spoil more easily than conventional cosmetics made mostly with synthetic chemical ingredients, if these basic principles are followed.

Also, remember that our
violet glass containers
are also another type of natural preservative, they have filtering properties that block the entry of visible light and allow the selective passage of violet and ultraviolet light. This helps protect cosmetic products from degradation caused by light by reducing exposure to sunlight and artificial light, which can break down active ingredients and affect product quality.

The light protection provided by the violet glass helps to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products. By reducing oxidation and decomposition of ingredients, products packaged in violet glass have greater stability and can maintain their properties and efficacy for a longer period of time.

The biophotonic technology used in crystal violet is based on the belief that violet and ultraviolet light have positive effects on the conservation of the vital energy of natural ingredients. In addition, violet glass is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Choosing packaging in this type of glass promotes sustainability and reduces the generation of plastic waste.

How to store cosmetics for better preservation? 1

In addition, when you finish using your cosmetics you can give many uses to the empty containers, you can use them to store coffee, salt, tea, dry flowers, etc.

How to store cosmetics for better preservation? 2

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