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How can organic cosmetics help with eczema?


At Såper, we understand that the skin is one of the mirrors of the soul and inner well-being, reflecting on its surface the stories of our life, health and emotions.

In this journey towards holistic care, we encounter skin affected by eczema, a challenge that impacts both physically and emotionally.

Eczemas are like storms that shake the tranquility of this mirror, and require delicate, deep and conscious care, for which organic cosmetics stand as a beacon of hope.

This article gets to the heart of how
of how organic cosmetics can be a vital ally in the relief and improvement of eczema, exploring its science, its spirit and, above all, its compassion.
exploring its science, its spirit and, above all, its compassion.

A gentle, effective and environmentally friendly solution to soothe and revitalize skin compromised by this condition.

What is eczema or atopic deratitis and how does it manifest itself?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that manifests itself in the skin through redness, itching, and flaking on the face, hands and other parts of the body, affecting people of all ages, and affecting their quality of life and self-esteem.

While its causes may be multiple, including genetic and environmental factors, its treatment invites a gentler and more natural approach, one that respects the balance and sensitivity of the skin.

The promise of organic cosmetics

In its essence, organic cosmetics offers a way of respectful care, free of aggressive chemicals and based on the richness of nature.

Såper, true to this principle, selects ingredients that not only nourish the skin, but also support its ability to repair and regenerate.

These organic ingredients, rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, are able to nourish the skin from within, minimizing the risk of further irritation.

Key ingredients for eczema relief

ingredients and essential oils for eczema


Vegetable oils such as Argan or Rosehip, known for their regenerating and nourishing properties, vegetable oils are an elixir for dry and eczema-affected skin.

Their composition rich in essential fatty acids, in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, makes them a great capacity to strengthen the skin barrier, which makes them a fundamental ally in the natural treatment of eczema on hands and face.

It could be compared to drops of golden light, enveloping the skin, spinning a mantle of nourishment and repair, whispering promises of strength and resilience.rosehip oil for eczema

Aloe Vera: aloe vera juice provides deep hydration while soothing irritated skin.

Its cooling and anti-inflammatory effect is particularly beneficial in reducing eczema on the face and body.

It is like an ocean of calm, a refuge where irritated skin finds relief and rebirth.

Shea butter: Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter is a star ingredient in the best eczema cream.

Intensely nourishes and forms a protective layer that helps retain moisture, crucial for eczema-prone skin.

Rich and noble, it glides over the skin like an ancestral balm, nourishing forgotten depths and sealing in its jars the essence of youth.

Såper: allied products for eczema healing

eczema healing allied products

At Såper, each product is a work of art dedicated to the health of your skin, a poetry that celebrates beauty and life. For those looking for how to cure eczema, we present natural and effective alternatives such as:

Cleansing Balm
Formulated with shea butter, passion fruit oil, sea buckthorn extract, and other nourishing ingredients, it offers gentle cleansing without stripping the skin of its natural protective layer, ideal for sensitive skin affected by eczema. It is like a caress for the skin, freeing it from the burdens of the day. Remove with a cotton muslin moistened in warm water or with calendula soap.

Rosehip Regenerating Serum
This potent serum harnesses the regenerative and soothing properties of rosehip to improve the appearance of eczema-affected skin, helping to restore its texture and relieve dryness.

Like a painter reliving his canvas, he rewrites the history of the skin, transforming every little damage into a testimony of beauty and renewal.

Calendula Repair Cream
With calendula extract, known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, this cream is perfect for soothing irritation and promoting regeneration of skin damaged by eczema.

Its petals envelop the skin in a healing embrace, where calm rests in every pore, and relief blooms in every corner.

A lifestyle in harmony with your skin

In addition to the conscious use of organic cosmetics, we encourage a lifestyle that embraces internal hydration, a diet rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, and stress management practices such as yoga and meditation.

These elements complement the topical treatment, addressing the roots of eczema from multiple angles; a path to balance and holistic beauty.

A path to eczema healing

We are aware that eczema is a problem that has many intensities, and must be treated from the medical field, but organic cosmetics can help in this way of treatment, providing the skin with nutrients and foods that will make it stronger and more resistant.

Each product is a testament to our commitment to conscious beauty and holistic care, offering hope and real solutions for those seeking the best eczema treatment.

Each creation is a verse dedicated to authentic beauty, a song that celebrates the possibility of living without the echo of this cutaneous condition.

With each application, we invite your skin to dive into the world of botanical cosmetics, where the properties of plants take center stage and bring relief and calm to the skin.

We believe deeply in the power of nature to heal and in the beauty of healthy skin, the ultimate reflection of a body and spirit in balance.

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