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How can muslin help you in your facial cleansing ritual?

Muslin: The essential accessory for your facial cleansing rituals.

For the past few years, we women have been using cotton pads or cleansing wipes in our beauty rituals to remove makeup or simply cleanse ourselves. We have done so thinking that they were the perfect choice, without being aware of all the waste that both products have.

facial cleansing problems with wipes

But don’t worry, because everything has a solution: the
certified organic cotton muslin

We all want to have luminous, radiant, smooth and soft skin. This idyll can become a reality if you start incorporating a facial cleansing routine that is kind to your body and respectful to the world at large.

Because facial cleansing is the beginning and end of any self-care ritual, but it is important that it does not cause any harm: if you want to know more about this, read our article on “The Double Facial Cleansing”.

And muslin towels are an indispensable accessory to make your beauty routines an effective and very appealing tool.

How are muslin pads used for facial cleansing?

Muslins are soft, lightweight cotton fabrics that can bring out the best in cleansing balms and exfoliating balms in their purpose of removing impurities, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and excess makeup.

How can muslin help you in your facial cleansing ritual? 1

They are also very easy to use: they can be moistened with warm water to remove the soap or facial cleanser previously used.

In both cases, gently wipe the face with the wipe, using light touches, without rubbing and with love and kindness (especially around the eyes). To achieve a clear and clean face, we recommend wiping the muslin at least two to three times to properly remove the remains of cosmetics.

If we practice double facial cleansingWhat we will do with the muslin is, in the first step (with the oily product you use), remove all oily impurities, such as makeup and sebum, and in the next step (with the aqueous, gel or foam formula), eradicate watery impurities and dead cells.

In addition, its gentle exfoliation:

  • helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing blood circulation in our face and thus reducing inflammation,
  • opens pores and decongests the skin,
  • prepares the skin for the subsequent application of your usual treatment…

They can be used by all skin types, as they are extremely soft and their friction is light and beneficial for the most sensitive skins. Its material does not attack the hydrolipidic film and performs a delicate and pleasant exfoliation (in many cases, the same material is used to wrap babies).

Once the facial cleansing is complete, you can wash and reuse it, thus promoting a residue-free routine and participating in environmental wellness.

What should you avoid when using a muslin?

When choosing the best make-up remover muslin, opt for certified organic cotton muslin measuring 20cm x 20cm.

organic cotton muslin for the face


When using it, it is important to be gentle. Do not rub or exert too much pressure; gentle movements from the center outwards are sufficient.

Once you use it, rinse it well after each cleaning and clean it with organic and neutral soap every time you use makeup. As it is made of a very thin fabric, it dries quickly, so it is well worth washing it every night to have it ready first thing in the morning.

Their life expectancy depends on the amount of make-up we use, and their change is usually due to the fact that they become badly stained. You will rarely have to change a muslin because it is torn, as they are very resistant. They can last for years if you don’t wear make-up.

Our certified organic cotton muslins are sustainably handmade, one by one, in Spain, by social inclusion associations, without bleaching agents. Their soft curl pampers even the most delicate skins and complements very well with the cleansing balm and the eye and lip make-up remover.

use cotton muslin with eye and lip make-up remover

You can see the tutorial on how to use the muslin here:

Our purpose is to offer you the ideal materials and tools to take care of your wonderful skin and sustain the ecosystem you were born into.



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