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Our values

In Såper we elaborate a unique Certified NATURAL COSMETICS Line, with the highest percentages of organic ingredients for the care of your skin, with the purest ingredients, we are lucky and we love what we do.

crema facial con aloe vera saper

Såper was born as a dream, a dream that has become a reality.

To create our own laboratory to be able to formulate without limits in quality, and thus become a reference brand of natural and organic cosmetics, avant-garde and effective, specialized in skin care.

After years of dedication, passion, creation and innovation, we have connected with people, developing products with the best natural ingredients to obtain highly visible results, the reality: high natural, ecological and effective cosmetics.


We gave life to our LABORATORY in a small town, Casa de Uceda, in Guadalajara.

An area without atmospheric pollution because we have been concerned for years about pollution and industrial products that intoxicate us and damage the environment.

That is why we wanted to do our bit by offering 100% natural products, with the highest percentage of organic ingredients to take care of you and the planet.

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Botanical Minimalism

Minimalist, honest and effective cosmetics

Less is more, we innovate simple formulas for true beauty.

We are committed to quality and not quantity, to what is strictly natural, without excesses and without artifices, as our ancestors did.

The skin breathes, recognizing everything we put on it to feed, moisturize and nourish it with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

That spirit is reflected in our Såper universe.

Såper Result

The highest percentages of pure natural and organic active ingredients, which are superfoods for the skin.

We have our own laboratory, so we can guarantee the traceability and origin of all raw materials. We prepare small batches by hand, so that your products always arrive fresh.

To guarantee their conservation, we do not use plastic packaging, we pack all our products in Violet Glass, avoiding Bisphenol-A and Phthalates in plastics. Glass is the most sustainable, reusable material with the best recycling rate.

Our packaging is not only good, it’s the best, made with biophotonic technology. Packaging VIOLETT GLASS guarantee the conservation and the efficiency of the active ingredients of our creations, blocking visible light, but allowing the passage of a certain amount of ultraviolet light, which acts as a natural preservative, extending the life of our products, as it prevents oxidation and keeps the properties of the active ingredients intact.

In this VIDEO you can see how the biophotonic packaging technology and part of the manufacturing process.

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