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Our origin

It all began in 2010, when Såper’s founder, Victoria Sanchez the founder of Såper, found it difficult to find quality natural products, and began to produce products in small batches with organic ingredients.

Our origin 1

The results were extraordinary for the skin, which made him undertake a major change in his professional career. Being an art restorer, after several years of training as a cosmetologist, she created between 2011-2013, the laboratory Såper Organic Skincare.

In 2014, her brother Fernando joined the company as Commercial Director, so that Victoria, with his perseverance and intuition, could dedicate herself solely to her passion, so Victoria could, with her perseverance and intuition, devote herself solely to her passion, formulating natural cosmetics.

The comments and compliments from stores and many BEAUTY CENTERS were so many that we decided, after more than 10 months of formulating and testing new products, to launch for Beauty Centers, in 2016, one Professional Natural Cosmetics Line for in-booth treatments. In 2018, already working with many beauty spaces in Spain, we launched our. Premium Anti-Age Line , to offer the best beauty products for skin care. In 2019 we received 2 AWARDS awarded by the ORGANIC CLEAN AWARDS. Best Luxury Organic Brand and Best Organic Brand for Professionals, as well as awarding prizes to 3 products. In the year 2020 we have received 2 International AWARDS at the BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS . to two of our best products, the Nutritive Cleansing Balm and the Radiant Look Eye Contour. And this year 2021 we have received 7 AWARDS at the ORGANIC CLEAN AWARDS ,including Best Certified Organic Cosmetic Brand in Spain.
Our origin 3
Our origin 4
cosmética natural profesional para cabina


Såper means soap in Norwegian. We have traveled extensively in Scandinavia, a land rich in natural purity and concern for the environment, and that has rubbed off on us.

Moreover, our first product was a soap, and soap was also the first cosmetic in the history of mankind. In 3,000 BC, the Sumerians made cosmetic soaps with alkalis, and we wanted to go back to the origin, because for centuries, cultures have learned and used plants from nature for their well-being and to stay young.

We have taken advantage of this knowledge, bringing research and innovation to create products withadaptogenic ingredients that provide the skin with everything it needs.

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