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Difference between Serum and Cream

What is the difference between Serum and Moisturizer?

Which is better, a cream or a serum, which should be used first, a cream or a serum, during the day or at night, is a cream the same as a serum, should one or the other or both be used? which product is more effective, cream or serum?

First of all, we must tell you that, if you already use natural and organic cosmetics, with pure and non-toxic ingredients, like all our products, both creams and serums, will work wonders for you.

But if you have any doubts, read to the end, because in today’s post we will tell you which of these products will best suit your skin type.

When we are ready to buy a natural cosmetic, you always find on the shelves moisturizers next to serums, and it is also overwhelming the multitude of varieties of these products that exist.

But, after many years, most people still don’t know the difference between a moisturizer and a serum.

These are the million dollar questions and the time has come to answer them so that once and for all we know what each of them is for and which one is best for our skin type.

Difference between Serum and Cream


Moisturizing creams with natural ingredients have an unctuous texture andprovide hydration and nutrients to our skin.

They offer basic but essential care to keep it hydrated and protect it from external agents such as cold, dryness and pollution.

As it is a denser product, it may take a little longer to absorb, but if it is a quality product, it will not take more than 1 minute.

This is because the organic oils we use are pure and first cold extraction, so they keep all their vitamins, trace elements and antioxidant properties, the skin recognizes them as food and absorbs them immediately.

Difference between Serum and Cream

Types of Face Serum

The serum is a product characterized by its high concentration of active ingredients, so it should be used in smaller doses.

It is very light and usually has a gel, fluid cream or oil texture. It is very easily absorbed and does not leave the skin oily, so it can be used simultaneously with other creams to maximize the effects of the treatment.

There are different types of serums. We can choose one or the other depending on the results we want to obtain: extra hydration, nutrition, anti-aging properties, anti-spotting, etc.

Itsresults are faster and more visible in the short term.

What are the differences between a serum and a moisturizer?

Now that we have learned a little more about what each of these products is and what it is used for, let’s compare them from different perspectives to better understand their differences:

Difference between Serum and Cream

  • The texture is the first thing you notice: serums tend to be more fluid and light, they can have an oily base like our oil serums, or they can be a light emulsion, like our illuminating serum of the anti-ageing line. The cream is usually denser and requires a greater amount of application than the serum and will provide more hydration.
  • The ingredients: the serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients, so it is always applied in smaller quantities and its absorption and effectiveness is immediate.
  • Penetration: creams work on theepidermis, and in our case also on the dermis, even in some cases on the deepest layers. The serum penetrates into the dermis, and even the hypodermis, especially containing highly regenerative and antioxidant active ingredients. That’s why creams can be used for

    to protect and maintain the most superficial layer of the skin (horny layer) while serums are distributed in deeper layers.

  • Its function: theserum usually has a more specific nourishing, regenerating, repairing, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle function , while the function of a cream is usually more focused on moisturizing and protecting the skin from the external aggressions of everyday life.
  • Its application: theserum is applied in small doses and its absorption is immediate, while the cream needs a larger amount of product.
  • Theprice: you’ve probably already guessed which one is more expensive. Serums are usually a more expensive product due to their high concentration of active ingredients. However, since smaller quantities are needed, it lasts longer, especially our oil-textured serums, which last several months.

So which is better, serum or moisturizer?

Difference between Serum and CreamAt this point you will have already realized that these are complementary products, not substitutes, so the answer is that the ideal is to use both products, but at what time of the day?

  • For more damaged, dry, dehydrated or malnourishedskin, the ideal is to start using both at the same time in each application. In the following section we will see how.
  • For a good skin condition, we always recommend using both, but at different times of the day, or mixed. In the following section we give you some tips and tricks for its correct application.

As you have seen, both cosmetics serve different purposes . Not using one of the two would be like not using deodorant because you have already put on perfume.

With any of our

organic creams

you will protect your skin, while with our

facial serums

you can repair and treat it more deeply.

Which comes first, the serum or the cream?

Difference between Serum and Cream

This question of whether to use serum or cream first is very common. Having cleared these doubts, we will tell you that we can start using an organic cream in our skin care routine from the age of 20, or even earlier, if necessary, to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. Serums are best from the age of 25-30, to improve the different aspects required by our skin, blemishes, hydration, nutrition, wrinkles, firmness, etc.

If your skin needs special care, we recommend a cream and serum, both day and night:

  • Use the serum first as it is absorbed immediately and will enhance the effects of the cream, which will be applied after 1 minute.
  • Another option we like is to mix the cream, and a few drops of the serum, in the palm of the hand, rub them together to mix both products, and apply with a gentle upward massage. If you have not tried this last option, with our organic serums and creams, we recommend you to do it as soon as possible, and you will see the result of a radiant skin immediately.

If your skin is well hydrated and nourished, you can apnourished:

  • The cream during the day, as it will give you the extra hydration you need during the day.
  • The serum at night, before going to sleep, because it is the time of maximum cell renewal and when the active ingredients will have an easier time penetrating our skin.

Ritual treatment: organic cosmetics application videos

difference between serum and cream

You can see our application videos in each product card of our online store, here are the videos of a complete ritual:

Cleansing and make-up removal, you have 2 videos, one of make-up removal with the Clear Look oil, and another video of the double cleansing, first with the make-up remover and then with the ecological soaps.

Toning, the second step of your ritual is the application of the facial tonic.
application of the facial tonic
In the video we explain how to use our toner to tighten the pores and balance the skin.

Moisturizing, in this step we apply a facial cream, the one that best suits your skin type, in the video you can see how to apply it. And remember, our creams are formulated without water, to moisturize we use organic aloe vera juice, which provides regenerating active ingredients.

4.- Nutrition: as we have already explained, depending on the condition of your skin, it will be necessary to use a serum in your daily routine.
use a serum in your daily routine
You can apply it before the cream or together with it, or only at night.

And don’t forget that less is more, our motto of Botanical Minimalism is not casual, as you should use just the right amount of products. It is not because you use more that the effect will be faster or more noticeable.


We hope this post has been helpful and that from now on you will be able to make the most of the potential of these cosmetics. For this you should always pay attention to the % of organic ingredients, the higher the better (ideally always above 80%). This will ensure that your cosmetics are sustainable, with pure, clean and non-toxic ingredients for you and the planet.

And we hope to see you in our


As always we try to let you know all the secrets of natural cosmetics so you can choose the best products for you and make you feel good.

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