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Beauty essentials: cosmetic must-haves

los must have de la cosmética natural

In the beauty universe, where new trends and products emerge every day, it is easy to get lost in a sea of options.

However, as in fashion, where the concept of “closet” is essential, in cosmetics there are essential products that form the basis of any beauty ritual worthy of a healthy and radiant skin.

There are stars that shine with their own light, essential guides in the firmament of facial and body care.

Today, from Såper we invite you to discover your cosmetic must-haves, those indispensable products that should be part of your cosmetic closet, products that become pillars of a ritual that celebrates beauty in its purest and most sustainable expression.

Deep cleansing: The beginning of every beauty ritual

It all begins with a deep but respectful cleansing, the necessary prelude that prepares the skin to receive the gifts of nature. Here, Såper Cleansing Balm is a must-have.

Its formulation, rich in vegetable oils and butters, not only dissolves impurities and makeup, but also nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and ready for the next steps of your routine. This product is a clear example of how a cosmetic should offer multiple benefits in addition to fulfilling its main function.

Exfoliation: Renewal and Brightening

must have cosmetics - exfoliation
Exfoliation is another non-negotiable step in your cosmetic closet, a sort of ritual to leave the old behind and welcome the new. The
Såper Renewing Exfoliating Mask
not only removes dead skin cells and impurities, but thanks to its bioactive ingredients, such as rice powder and exfoliating argan particles, it revitalizes and renews the skin, leaving it soft, luminous and ready to better absorb the products you apply next.

Hydration and Nutrition: The Foundation for Healthy Skin

must have moisturizing cosmetics

Once cleansed and exfoliated, the skin needs hydration and nourishment. It is like a thirsty field, craving rain to be hydrated and nourished. The
Såper Facial Toner
formulated with aloe vera juice and damask rose hydrolat, acts like morning dew, refreshing and revitalizing our skin.

It can be followed by
Hydramatt Moisturizing Cream
Hydramatt Moisturizing Cream, which offers deep hydration without leaving a greasy sensation and is ideal for maintaining the balance and natural beauty of your face.

These products are classic examples of must-have cosmetics that address the skin’s basic needs.

Protection and Regeneration: Shielding and recovery

We cannot talk about beauty essentials without mentioning protection and regeneration.

Såper’ s Rosehip Regenerating Serum, loaded with stories and ancient wisdom, is a true elixir of life for the skin.

Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, it helps fight the signs of aging and repair skin from daily damage, including environmental stress and pollution. In addition, this serum has just won the award for Best Regenerating Serum at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2024.

must have cosmetics rosehip serum

Protection, on the other hand, comes from Bio Antipollution, a cream with vegan hyaluronic acid that weaves a mantle of protection against pollutants, keeping the skin healthy, firm and radiant.

Specific Treatment: The personalized touch

Each skin is different and therefore requires specific treatments that are adapted to its unique needs.

This is where products like Såper’s Illuminating Serum play a crucial role. This serum, with its potent blend of vitamin C and botanical extracts, not only brightens and evens skin tone, but also fights free radicals, offering a customized treatment that is tailored to your skin’s specific needs. It is like an ode to individuality that illuminates, unifies and protects, offering everyone their own light.

must have cosmetics illuminating serum

Sustainability and Ethics: The New Essential

At Såper, we believe that no cosmetic closet is complete without considering sustainability and ethics.

Choosing products that are not only beneficial for our skin, but also for the planet and its inhabitants, is today more than ever a must-have in our beauty routine.

Therefore, all our products are cruelty-free, vegan and made with the highest standards of quality and respect for nature.

Building your cosmetic closet with these must-have cosmetics from Såper will not only ensure beautiful, healthy skin, but will also allow you to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical world. Remember, in the simplicity of choosing versatile and effective products lies the secret to a successful and conscious beauty routine.

In the simplicity of the essential, in the poetry of the sustainable, we discover the true essence of beauty, a song of love for ourselves and the world we inhabit.

About the author
Picture of Victoria Sánchez
Victoria Sánchez
Soy una apasionada de la cosmética natural y ecológica, y creadora de la marca Saper Organic Skincare en 2011. Máster en Cosmetología y experta en evaluación y seguridad del producto cosmético. Mi objetivo es la belleza, la salud y la sostenibilidad del planeta. Para ello busco siempre los mejores ingredientes e investigo formulaciones de cosmética vegana, obteniendo los mejores resultados para la piel, cuidando siempre del medio ambiente.
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