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5 Tips to protect your skin from the sun naturally

How to naturally protect the skin from the sun

In this article we are going to give you some tips to take care of your skin from the sun during the summer months.

  1. Use a natural sunscreen.
  2. Drink water to maintain skin hydration.
  3. Wear long sleeves and a cap or hat to protect you from direct sun exposure.
  4. Stop smoking to prevent premature aging of the skin.
  5. Change the way you shower, in summer, short showers with lukewarm water.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Use a natural cream to protect your skin from the sun.

how to protect the skin from the sun

Let’s start with the most obvious advice: the use of a natural sunscreen.

Many people think that you should only use the cream if you are at the beach, sunbathing, or enjoying a day at the community pool or our town hall. But the truth is that sunscreen should be used. if you are going to spend several hours outdoors, to avoid getting sunburnt, as we will only realize that we have been sunburnt when there is no turning back, that is why it is so important to protect the skin from the sun and avoid direct sun exposure during the central hours of the day, between 12:00 h and 17:00 h.

The factor to use depends very much on your skin type, but it is recommended to start with a minimum of 15 SPF and go up to 50 SPF for more sensitive and fair skin.

It is also important to know the protection period offered by our cream. To calculate it in a simple way we can use this formula:

FPS X 10 minutes

Example: if an SPF 30 cream is used, the effect would last 300 minutes or five hours, although sweat, sand, water, or clothing, have an influence, therefore, it is recommended to renew the application every 2 hours maximum, or after each bath.

Drink water to maintain skin hydration.

how to take care of your skin from the sun

Although one of the favorite summer activities is to hang out on a terrace with friends and a nice cold beer, we must remember to drink plenty of water.


Water has thousands of benefits for our health. One of the most important is that water hydrates your internal organs and consequently, your skin.

When you burn your skin, the sunburn will absorb water from the rest of your body. This is not to say that drinking water will prevent us from getting burned, but it helps a lot with recovery. Also, water will give that glow to your skin that we all desire.

And how much water do you need to drink?

Well, like many things, it depends, but the recommendation is to drink between 2-2.5 liters of water a day, but it depends a lot on each person, the ideal is not to wait until you are thirsty to drink, when you are thirsty, the process of internal dehydration has already begun.

Wear long sleeves and protect your face from the sun.

tips to take care of your skin from the sun
We have now reached one of the most difficult tips to understand. It is best to wear long sleeves on sunny days.

We know, in summer people wear short sleeves, shorts, bathing suits or bikinis, but have you noticed that the different peoples that inhabit the deserts and the hottest areas of the planet cover their bodies completely? There must be a reason, right?

Yes, it is advisable to wear long-sleeved clothing and caps or hats to protect our skin from prolonged exposure to the sun.

There are specific summer clothes with long sleeves that won’t let you die of heat. Specific “sun protection” clothing is available and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. The label detailing this protection is identified as FPU will help you identify sun-protective garments, which today can be purchased in department stores or sportswear stores.

Another good option is to use natural fabrics, cotton or linen, which are also cool and allow the skin to perspire.


Quit smoking to take care of your skin

Speaking of measures that can be taken to protect your skin, there is one measure that ages our skin in a very accelerated way and that is smoking.

We all know the risks of smoking for our lungs, but we are often unaware of its effects on our skin. Smoking does a lot of damage to the collagen and elastin in your body, generating early wrinkles. In addition, smoking also appears to be associated with skin cancer.

For your health, and that of those around you, we advise you to stop smoking.


Change the way you shower

how to protect the skin from the sun naturally
And to finish our list, let’s talk about a daily routine: the shower, or bath.

It is something we have done almost every day of our lives. However, some people are doing it wrong.


The sun and heat do a lot of damage to your skin, and it needs to be washed more gently in the summer.

That means shorter showers, using lukewarm water instead of hot, and paying special attention to the body hygiene products we use, with natural and organic cosmetic shampoos and gels being 100% recommended.

What types of products should you use in the shower?

For example, instead of using any gel, switch to a natural soap. Natural soap is full of oils with vitamins and essential fatty acids, which gently cleanse and at the same time protect the hydrolipidic layer of your skin.

After a shower, it is important to dry well and apply a facial cream to moisturize and nourish your face, and a body cream or oil to restore, nourish and moisturize our skin after the sun and improve possible minor burns.

In short, in summer our skin is continuously exposed to the sun, so we must take more intense care of it to preserve our health.



We want you to take care of yourself, so that premature aging is not one of your worries, and you can focus on enjoying the summer. To take the best care of your skin, we especially recommend our natural face creams and our organic body line.
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