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Crema Antiage Ecológica Bio·Protect 360 Essential Fluid - Crema Fluida Protectora 50 mlNatural and Organic Cosmetics 1

Bio·Protect 360 Essential Fluid
Protective Fluid Cream 50 ml

Rated 4.90 out of 5
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Serum reparador nocturno antiage ecológico premiado - Bio·Repair Oil Night Elixir 30mlNatural and Organic Cosmetics 2

Bio·Repair Oil Night Elixir
Night Repair Serum 30 ml

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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antiage_serum_iluminador_antiox_saper_premiosNatural and Organic Cosmetics 3

Bio·Illuminating Vit C Antiox Serum
Vit C Illuminating Serum 30 ml

Rated 4.63 out of 5
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Bio·Antipollution Firming Cream - Crema Reafirmante antiedad y Antipolución 50 ml, ecológica de Saper, premiada beauty shortlist awardsNatural and Organic Cosmetics 4

Bio·Antipollution Firming Cream
Anti-Pollution Firming Cream 50 ml

Rated 4.93 out of 5
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Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free & Vegan & Real Cosmetics

certificado cosmética ecológica y natural bio.inspecta bioVidaSana

100% natural, organic and certified high quality cosmetics.

Anti-pollution ingredients and antioxidants: extracts, vegetable and essential oils...

certificado cosmética vegana

Vegan and cruelty free cosmetics

PETA.org certified, guarantees vegetable origin and not tested on animals.

cosmética natural artesanal

Manual processing

Small batches handmade, with always fresh and active ingredients.

certificado cosmética ecológica ECOplus

Certified in ECOPLUS Category 1

BioVidaSana's "EcoPlus" seal, which guarantees the highest percentage of active ingredients and organic ingredients.

cosmética BPA free

Free of toxics, plastics and "BPA free".

Free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, pesticides and synthetic ingredients. We pack in recyclable violet glass.

cosmética natural premiada en Beauty Shortlist Awards


We have been finalists in the International Beauty Awards.

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Welcome to the Såper world of eternal beauty.

We provide effective organic cosmetic creations to enhance your beauty.

We created our own laboratory in 2011 with the purpose of satisfying all skin types. We have trained and researched for years, the result: a careful and avant-garde elaboration process, in small batches. A whole line of anti-aging cosmetics with delicate aromas, so you can have a firmer and more luminous skin.

The products available in our store are not only natural, but also certified organic in Category I by BiovidaSana Bioinspecta.

Ecological and environmentally friendly, because to obtain the best results in our formulations, it is not enough to be certified. At Såper we have achieved the highest percentages of organic ingredients in our cosmetics, using raw materials from first cold extraction. As they are organic, no pesticides or toxic ingredients have been used, nor have they been refined, so they maintain all the properties that the skin needs to be comfortable and radiant every day.

We also have a line of professional cabin cosmetics and two sales lines.

Welcome to the Såper world of eternal beauty!

Answers the most frequent questions about natural and organic cosmetics.

Yes, all our products are 100% natural and all have more than 90% organic ingredients and are certified with the BioVidaSana standard, and inspected by Bio.inspecta.

Our natural cosmetics has between 90% and 100% of certified organic ingredients, unlike other seals (EcoCert, Bdih, Natrue…) the BioVidaSana standard requires that our products contain a minimum of 90% of organic ingredients to be certified in Category I. All our products are certified in Category I of the standard, with the recognition of the ECOPLUS Category.

Natural cosmetics are those that contain mainly natural ingredients, i.e. obtained directly from nature, or processed, but of natural origin. Natural cosmetics, therefore, contain conventional ingredients, i.e. they do not have to protect the environment, and they almost always contain refined ingredients, so they will have lost many vitamins and antioxidants.

Organic cosmetics are those that contain mainly ingredients from organic farming, from 80% organic ingredients.

Organic ingredients, in addition to growing without pesticides and taking care of the environment, are first cold-pressed, so they are more effective. This helps us to improve results and fight against premature aging caused by the sun, pollution, free radicals, or stress.

No, it is not the same, in fact natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics are very different. There is a lot of confusion with these terms:

Ecological, organic or bio cosmetics are certified natural cosmetics, which also contain a high percentage of ingredients that come from organic farming.

Certified cosmetics are natural cosmetics, which may or may not contain organic ingredients. Whether natural or organic, it cannot contain: synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients, endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, kerosenes or silicones, among other ingredients that are toxic to health and the environment.

All certified organic cosmetics are natural, but not all natural cosmetics are organic.

The main difference between natural and organic cosmetics is the % of organic ingredients in the product . Let’s first look at the differences between the ingredients.

  • Natural ingredient: they come from nature, but are usually refined, losing many valuable vitamins and antioxidants. The natural ingredients have been produced with pesticides. How? with pesticides? Yes, all certifiers allow natural ingredients from conventional (not organic) agriculture. In addition, in many cases the ingredients will be refined, subjected to high temperatures and organic solvents, so that many of their vitamins and antioxidant power will be lost during the process. That is why it is important that they are environmentally friendly.
  • Organic ingredient: it comes from organic farming, i.e. it has been grown without pesticides, but they are also unrefined ingredients, first cold pressed, so they keep their vitamins and antioxidants intact, which is what the skin needs.

It is becoming more and more important to use cosmetics that take care of our health, but also of the environment, so we should all use organic cosmetics.

Without a doubt, all reports point to growth of over 10% per year. Data suggest that the value of natural cosmetics will reach 5 billion euros by 2023.

Natural cosmetics is part of a great change in our habits worldwide. Citizens are increasingly aware of the need to take care of our planet and our own bodies.

The consumer is more aware and respectful: There are many reasons to choose a natural and organic product. These include consumer awareness of animal welfare, respect for nature, and taking care of our own health.

It doesn’t take a genius to know the difference between healthy, nutrient-rich food and junk food, but what about cosmetics?

Ten years ago, most people knew nothing about parabens (which have been linked to breast cancer), toluene (a toxic solvent), or oxybenzone (a chemical that can alter thyroid function). However, now, people are aware that all the synthetic and chemical additives found in most cosmetic products are not beneficial to the body. They can have long-lasting negative effects on our health.

These are some of the reasons that make us bet on natural and organic cosmetics:

  1. Environmentally friendly: Natural cosmetics is not only good and respectful to our body but,itis also respectful to the environment.
  2. Full of Nutrients: Our skin is our body’s first line of defense. Not only does it protect us from cold, heat, wasps (which are the worst) or bacteria, it also protects us from toxic agents. That is why it is important to choose the right products for skin care and cleansing.
  3. It has Anti-Aging Properties: It penetrates into the deep layers, eliminates free radicals, is an antioxidant, and protects your skin from premature aging by improving collagen and elastin production.
  4. It is Cruelty Free: It takes into account the animal respect, it is not tested on animals, and in the case of Saper, being Vegan, we do not use any ingredient derived from animals.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find organic or natural products. In supermarkets, there is a wide variety of organic food. It is also becoming increasingly common to find clothing created with natural fibers.

And in cosmetics it is easy to put “natural” on any product. Technically, there is no definition for natural cosmetic products. Any manufacturer can label its cosmetics as “natural”. This makes the search for quality and authentic natural cosmetic brands more complicated than it may seem at first glance.

How can we know which products are natural and which are not, which cosmetic brands are truly natural, and which are organic?Which cosmetic brands are truly natural, and which are organic?

  1. Visit the brand’s website:

    If we want to know the composition of the cosmetics of a particular brand, all we have to do is go to their website and do a little research, take a look at the home page, see if they have an official Natural certification. The % of organic ingredients, in addition to increasing quality, is important for improving the environmental sustainability of the planet.

    If it is not well advertised on their website, you cannot see an official seal, and each product does not list all the ingredients (INCI list), you doubt that they are natural products.

    Since its inception, Såper has been committed to the protection of the environment, health and respect for biodiversity.

  2. Learn about the ingredients in natural cosmetics brands.

    Sometimes, it is quite difficult to read and understand the ingredients of a cosmetic product if you don’t have a degree in biology or science, but don’t worry, it is not necessary to know by heart the nomenclature of the ingredients. of these products, or carry a specialized book on the subject to contrast its meaning. But we should know the most important ones and pay attention to the rest.

    This way, after a period of time, it will be easier to understand the ingredients: what should and should not be in your cosmetic products.

    As a curiosity, the ingredients are listed in order of highest to lowest quantity on the label, so the first ones on the list will be the most abundant in the product.

  3. The price

    The expression “you can’t ask more for this price” means that more expensive products are usually of better quality.

    If you find a natural and organic cream for 5 euros, it will certainly be a low-quality product. Although it may seem like you’ve found the deal of the century, don’t be fooled.

    Natural and organic cosmetics will cost a little more expensive, as organic ingredients are more expensive than refined ones, but the product will be of a higher quality, as it will have the active ingredients your skin needs, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

    Nobody gives anything away. But beware, sometimes a high price is not synonymous with quality either.

  4. The amount of organic ingredients

    Sometimes, brands believe that the label “natural” or “organic” is enough to attract the consumer (greenwashing is not enough).

    Consumers should know what is the real percentage of these organic ingredients in the cosmetics they want to buy. Next time, in addition to checking that they have the natural cosmetics certificate such as Ecocert, BioVidaSana-Bio-Inspecta, Soil Association, ICEA, BDIH etc. Take a look at the amount of organic ingredients in the product.

    You have 2 ways to know this organic percentage that will guarantee the purity of the ingredients:

    • Look at the percentage (% of organic ingredients) if the natural cosmetic brand details it. Over 80-90% will be environmentally friendly cosmetics.
      In case it does not appear:
    • Check the asterisks *identifying each organic ingredient. The more asterisks in the first ingredients of the list, the higher the percentage.

As we have already mentioned, all of our cosmetics are 100% natural and contain between 90% and 100% organic ingredients.

You must be careful, because many companies hang the sign of organic cosmetics, Bio or ecological, being the percentage of organic ingredients very low or nonexistent. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Always look for the certification seal and the % of organic ingredients. If the % does not appear, you should look for the asterisks behind each ingredient to check which ones are from organic farming.

Yes. All our products, besides being 100% natural, have more than 90% of organic ingredients, from first cold extraction. That is why we have obtained the ECOPLUS Seal of the BioVidaSana standard.

You can find all our cosmetics in our

organic cosmetics online store


Our natural cosmetics has between 90% and 100% of certified organic ingredients, unlike other seals (EcoCert, Bdih, Natrue…) the BioVidaSana standard requires that our products contain a minimum of 90% of organic ingredients to be certified in Category I. All our products are certified in Category I of the standard, with the recognition of the ECOPLUS Category.

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Only some products, such as creams and facial toner, have an expiration date of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Once opened, you will be able to use them without problems for 12 months.

The rest of the products do not have an expiration date, only a shelf life of 9 to 12 months after opening.

Of course! From the outset, we set out to make a 100% vegetable cosmeticswithout animal derivatives, and not tested on animals. That is why we have certified our entire line with the Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal.

Strongly no! Neither our products nor the ingredients we use are tested on animals. Our certificate
Cruelty Free
and Vegan, corroborates this.

All our products are made with natural ingredients of vegetable origin which depend on the harvest of each year, so there may be slight differences in color, smell and texture due to the weather changes that occur each year.

All our products and ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin. The high percentage of organic ingredients ensures that there are very few skin reactions.

In case you are allergic to any compound, you can check all the ingredients on our website.

Yes, all our products are suitable for children and babies, as our formulas are natural and the vegetable oils and butters we use are always of organic quality and first pressure.

We only use two essential oils that may have contraindications, although when used below 1% it is very unlikely that there will be any problems. These ingredients are fennel essential oil and badian anise essential oil.

The products that contain it are the Eye Contour, Argan Soap, Argan Serum and Hydramat Cream, so they are not recommended for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

All our products are recommended for rosacea. Due to the quality of our raw materials, they provide hydration and nutrition, soothing and improving skin with rosacea.

We recommend a Ritual with 3 steps:

  1. Cleansing with Calendula soap
  2. Tone/moisturize with Fresh Flower Toner
  3. Moisturize and Nourish with any creams:

Yes, you can use them all day long.

In some products we use rosehip vegetable oil and sweet orange essential oil but neither of these are photosensitizing.

Some citrus essential oils such as lemon or grapefruit can be photosensitizing. But they have less than 1%, so you can use them, unless you are going to sunbathe right after applying them.

Access our section of professional cosmetics to discover our range of special products for professionals.

You can also contact our sales department by e-mail at fsanchez@saper.es or by phone at 687 56 57 84.

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